Monday, 14 April 2014

WhiteList Email Marketing

WhiteList Email Marketing

I am not known for being easily over-enthusiastic about anything. So you can take this as an honest endorsement.

Klaus Biesel (aka Klausius) had a good kick-off with his online marketing business with the launch of Marty Petrizza's Hot Website Traffic

which happens to be the first event I ever made any money with internet marketing, so we are somehow brethren.

He now left me way behind by launching his own mailer which is more for the user joining it than for him. He has already revealed many features and there are more to come. There is a some money to be earned for you - especially when you join early and upgrade. There is an immediate kick-back, just look at the description from the owner below:

Earn up to 80% commission.

Start with 50% and level up your commission. Free members will get paid and will reach up to 500 members every 2 days.

Upgraded members will earn more and faster.

Take a look at the most affordable upgrades.
Decide if you want to be a Promoter or if you want to take advantage of this amazing simple lead catching

Email Marketing Tool as Advertiser.

Join today at Whitelist Email Marketing

ADMINS offer: TAKE the PROMOTER upgrade and receive 5 US Dollar into your account.

This offer is limited until we reach 1000 members.

Don't miss out and get in as soon as possible. This will hit the ground running on April 15th 2014. The banner below will take you there, just click on it.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

facebook Marketing 2013

FACEBOOK is a great marketing tool you cannot leave untouched.

Here is a comprehensive introduction for FAST and EASY results.

Facebook Marketing 2013

Click on the image to see more details

Thursday, 1 November 2012


I have made the experience that I received good quality traffic and mad some money for my marketing budget by joining new Traffic Exchanges set up by experienced marketers like in this case.

Data and infographic by AWeber Email Marketing