Friday, 7 August 2009

Let Them Leave

It is now possible to triple or even quadruple the amount of visitors who opt-in or sign-up for things on your website. So how do you do this? The secret is by using exit traffic scripts. Exit traffic is a term referring to visitors who are attempting to leave your website. Approximately 95% of visitors will click away from your website within seconds of getting to it. This can be circumvented by having a script that alerts them to special offers and tells them not to leave.

The best type of script for this will bring up an alert box telling you that you shouldn't leave and that there's a special offer. It should also immediately redirect you to the special offer page and play a sound clip of the site's owner speaking to you. If a site owner speaks to a visitor and pleads with them not to leave until they at least check out the special offer, it often makes them feel bad for trying to leave.

In most cases, capitalizing on your exit traffic can raise your opt-ins by over 300%. It can also bring in more traffic and earn you much more revenue. If you are a programmer, you could probably code a basic script that does something like this. Unfortunately, most of us are not skilled programmers and don't have time to learn an entire programming language for such a task. Luckily you can find these simple yet effective scripts on the internet for cheap (just do research before picking any old one).

There is a report named 3 Easy Steps That Will Increase Conversion Rates By 300%, that will teach you all about exit traffic. It also covers which scripts work and which are just plain obnoxious. Spend the extra 20 minutes of your day to read this thorough and well written report, after all, it's free.

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