Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Strategy for Free Upgrades on Traffic Exchanges

Free Members are the backbone for Traffic Exchanges (TE) but it is certainly more attractive for you to have the benefits of a Premium Member. I will show you how you can have these benefits without spending a single Penny, Dime, Cent of whatever you might call your currency.

There are Traffic Exchanges that will give you the opportunity to trade or sell back credits for an internal currency and allow you to use this internal currency for upgrades. Even better, there is a group of TE that will allow you to transfer this currency from one to another.

So what I have done is quite simple: I have chosen my preferred TE out of this group and surfed thee whole group. After each week I was able to sell a certain amount of credits back and get their internal cash. Then I transferred it all to my favourite TE and was able to upgrade to Premium Membership. Once at that level the amount of credits I receive for surfing is bigger and the amount I can sell back is bigger. This way I can maintain my membership level.

Here are the TE I have done this with:

You join all four of them or the missing ones if you already are a member in one or the other. Their joint currency is called "LogiBucks" by Logiscape Technologies Inc. the owner of these TE.
There is another TE by this owner which works very nicely and I usually surf it with the others because of the identical handling. However it does not have "LogiBucks":

Here comes the best thing:

I use the Power of a Single Browser designed specifically for the Traffic Exchange Industry...
and I'll be more than happy to share this amazing and powerful free tool with you.
It has doubled my productivity surfing:

If nothing else you have to try this!

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