Tuesday, 1 September 2009

100+ Top-Quality Articles at the Push of a Button?

Publishing articles is still by far the best way to get good search engine rankings and drive lots of quality traffic to your sites! All without spending an arm and a leg.

There's one big problem with article writing, though...

Unless you're a total writing maniac, you don't want to spend all your time cranking out one article after another all day long.

And every article spinning tool I've ever seen causes problems with Google through duplicate content and that's if the articles aren't totally unreadable garbage to begin with. That could damage your reputation, which you definitely don't want to happen...

I found an easier and safer way to write and distribute articles for my own websites:

Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker's

Mass Article Control

Mass Article Creator takes an article and quickly gives you as many new articles as you want,
each one similar but unique.

This saves you a ton of time and energy, and gives you all the high-quality articles you can possibly want without spending money on high-priced and unreliable writers.

Mass Article Creator was test-driven on several websites, and the results were nothing short of amazing.

One site had been averaging 7 or 8 visitors a day but after using Mass Article Creator traffic exploded to well over 100 visitors every day.

Another much larger site was getting around 750 visitors a day, after adding Mass Article Creator to the mix, that site now frequently breaks the 5,000 visitor mark in a single day.

And of course it can be applied to all sorts of business: Real Estate, Home Business Sales ... and of course Affiliate Marketing.

Have a look, it really blew me away.

Visit the website to get a free report and find out more

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