Tuesday, 8 September 2009

BANS equals major money Niche Store!

I recently came across this BANS site. BANS stands for Build A Niche Store. It helps you to set up your website and then using BANS you can edit and change your site.

You get to pick out a particular niche from thousands of niches. This is really cool. You can pick any niche you can think of and make money on it. One piece of advice that I want to give is to research your niche topic before you choose, you want to pick one that tons of people don't have sites for. That way less fish in the sea, less competition, which means more people to your site!!

BANS is great. It is a site where you can sell items that you would find on ebay, but it is set up for a particular thing to make it easier for customers to find it! When you have a good niche, you can build your site.

Then the really interesting part comes in... you get to customize your site on BANS with lots of unique options to make your site exactly the way that you want it! This is great! BANS is a great way to easily build your site, but also it allows you to get your marketing out there!

Marketing is important when it comes to selling a particular niche. You can put videos and blogs on your site, which are great advertising tools! BANS is a great tool to use in order to promote your online business and make it better than ever.

If you are serious about making money, you should sign up on the BANS site and get your site set up!

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